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Feb 5, 2008

Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, Chicago, IL - The distinguished Chapel which serves as the spiritual and ceremonial center of the University of Chicago is entering the most important phase of its roof to basement facelift: the restoration of the large, stained glass windows designed by architect Bertram Goodhue. The largest window stretches to a height of 46 feet, 3 inches, one of the largest of its kind in the nation. "Considering the scale of the building, coordinating the scaffolding is an enormous undertaking," said Studio artisan and chapel contractor Kevin Grabowski. Mr. Grabowski, who works for the 120-year old Conrad Schmitt Studios, is overseeing the removal, restoration and return of all the chapel's windows. The window restoration will take four to six artists working exclusively for three years on the project.

Before any of the ornate windows are removed, photographic documentation records every crack and change in coloration. "Documentation is very crucial for the glass restoration on this important task. We want to be good stewards of this building," said Lorraine Brochu, Assistant to the Dean for External Affairs at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel. The great effort taken to restore the landmark to its grandeur will ensure its longevity. 


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