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Jan 23, 2008

Holy Cross Catholic Church, Minneapolis, MN - Holy Cross Catholic Church, named in part after Saint Helena (Flavia Julia Helena Augusta) and her quest for the true cross, was established by the local Polish community in the late 1800's. The church features a unique style of architecture and exceptional interior artistry that includes wonderful stained glass windows, exceptional imported Italian marble columns, and elegantly painted murals. The church will celebrate its 125th anniversary as a parish in 2011. In four phases, CSS worked to restore the interior to its earlier grandeur. The sanctuary dome was restored to show off the wonderful stencil decoration that had long remained painted over. The sanctuary walls and tablature were used as a sample decoration that was later extended throughout the interior. The faux sandstone, painted over the white walls, gives the interior a warm tone. Decorative plaster elements that laced the colonnades and side aisles were treated with complimentary multi-tone glazes and gilding. The murals were restored to bring out a hidden mosaic and gold leaf border. The interior of Holy Cross Catholic Church once again glows with its exquisite beauty.

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