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Jan 17, 2008

French Lick Springs Resort, French Lick, IN - The legendary French Renaissance French Lick Springs resort, built in 1845, underwent a 421,000 square foot restorative transformation. Appointed to restore its former glory, Conrad Schmitt Studios stepped up to the challenge in June of 2005. Artists spent 28,000 hours planning and implementing restoration, starting with a historic paint analysis to establish as much of the original color palette, stencil designs, and decorative paint treatments as possible. After 1,900 gallons of paint, the decorative finishes throughout the hotel were returned to new. The stunning barrel-vaulted dome framing the entrance was regilded with 23 karat gold leaf and decorated with silver-toned palladium leaf accents. The two-story Grand Lobby enhancements included hundreds of feet of multi-layered stencils, a new set of murals, and molded faux marble, known as scagliola. By October of 2006, the dedicated staff of Conrad Schmitt Studios officially succeeded in restoring the formal entrance lobby, grand lobby, dining hall, Pluto buffet restaurant, and west corridor of the French Lick Springs resort.

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