SGAA President’s Message: The Future of the Association

By B. Gunar Gruenke
Published in SGAA Stained Glass Quarterly - Fall 2007

President’s Message:
The Future of the Association

I would like to begin my report by thanking each and every member of the Stained Glass Association of America for entrusting me with the position of President.  I am so grateful to be part of an Association in which artistry remains the backbone of the organization.   However, as mentioned to a few, congratulate me only if the organization is significantly stronger in membership and financials in two years. 

You will soon see illustrations of advancement coming from this establishment.  Allow me to share details about a few impending initiatives.

Membership Growth
The SGAA is investing in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program that will help us grow our membership.  The repeat contacting, mapping and forecasting features the CRM program provides should make it easier for us to turn member leads into members. 

So how do we generate leads?  If every member could give Katei Gross the name, phone number or email address of at least one architect, homeowner, restaurant, customer or competitor, we could drastically grow membership numbers.  With your help, the Association should have at least 2,000 affiliate members by 2009. 

Share Visions
At the Stained Glass Association of America, we have long known that the best way to share and communicate our visions is in colored light.  Good communication allows us to learn from one another.  This year, the summer conference in Charlotte, the Jewels of Light contest and talented guest speakers exemplified this.  Members, please keep sharing your visions by submitting pictures of your stained glass masterpieces to Richard Gross to be published in the Stained Glass Quarterly. 

As many of you know, the SGAA has been working to raise funds for an official SGAA headquarters, or permanent location with archives, education programs, offices and more.  For the first time, half of the proceeds from the Dorothy Maddy Auction went towards the SGAA building fund.  The building fund now has a nest egg of $1,817.45.  Committee work is underway analyzing the financial and structural needs to make this dream become a reality.  Anyone who is proficient in grant writing would be a huge asset to the committee.  Please join us for the art’s sake. 

My focus for the upcoming year is to work together as an Association to significantly advance the nature of the already remarkable Stained Glass Association of America so that the industry remains prosperous in the future.  This is a very exciting time to be associated with the SGAA.  I’d like to thank my new Board of Directors for making a commitment to the organization.  The Board of Directors is an energetic, realistic, honest, hard working group of people.  I’d also like to thank each member for your role in helping the SGAA move forward in its growth. 

Gunar Gruenke

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