A New Release - Stained Glass Appraisal Guidelines

By Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc.
Published in the CSS Library Archives

Churches have many assets. The obvious number one asset is the people. But besides God's love, the church building often grows to be a giant treasure chest of fine art. 

Whether it is a chalice, ostensorium, nativity set or carrera marble reredos, these assets must be valued.  Usually the largest artwork in a church is the stained glass. Oftentimes murals and decorative painting can be significant as well.

Tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and other disasters totally can destroy these precious works of art. 

Be prepared with a valuation of your stained glass. The following Stained Glass Appraisal Guidelines will assist you in properly insuring your assets. 

A New Release - Stained Glass Appraisal Guidelines (PDF 8.59 Mb)

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