Stayer Building - St. Matthew’s Chapel

Notre Dame, Indiana

Dedicated in 2012, the new standard glass windows designed and fabricated by Conrad Schmitt Studios for the Saint Matthew Chapel feature, from left to right, Saint Cyrus, Saint Stephen, Saint Matthew the Apostle, Saint John, and Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys. Saint Cyrus is depicted with a medical book, referencing his practice of the art of medicine, the caduceus, is etched on the cover. His staff represents his life as a wanderer. At St. Cyrus' feet are deadly nightshade, ground ivy, coltsfoot, poppy, chickweed, St. John's wort, hemlock - all medicinal plants used for healing. His book is red, representing his martyrdom. Saint Matthew, the patron of the Chapel, is pictured recording his gospel. His writings are renowned for focusing on the human aspect of Jesus, and therefore he has one foot restig on a cold, hard stone, representing the truth. His outer cloak, like that of Saint Stephen, is also red, representing his martyrdom. Saint Marguerite was the foundress of the Congregation of Notre Dame. She was born in France, represented by the French broom plant, then later moved to Montreal, which is apparent from the native Canadian burnet and prarie smoke plants. Maple leaves are a subtle pattern in her background. Saint Stephen is depicted holding the martyr's palm and stones at his feet, which reference his death by stoning. He is known as the first martyr, which is also represented by the blood-red color of his clothing. St. John, like Saint Matthew, is depicted writing his gospel. He is shown with ferns in the foreground, representing the island of Patmos where he recorded the Book of Revelations. His green outer cloak represents his balance, sense of order, and growth. The border of each window is based upon John 15:5. "I am the vine, you are the branches." The vine signifies the union between believers and Christ. The leaves represent their strong and lasting bond. The grapes indicate the fruitfulness of the growing faithful and the Mystical Rose represents Our Lady - Notre Dame.


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