Mural Restoration & Conservation

Conrad Schmitt Studios has designed, created, conserved, replicated and restored large murals projects and paintings for more than 120 years.
Mural Restoration & Conservation
Murals play a unique role in society by visually capturing a moment in time. Whether the subject matter is truth or fiction, past or present, even the choice of theme and the way it is portrayed are combined to illustrate what mattered to the artist or the community when it was created. Murals serve as a visual history on a grand scale.

The Studios’ experience, creativity and good judgment are reflected in murals executed in a variety of media. In addition to understanding the strictly technical aspects of the craft, Studio artisans possess the sensitivity necessary to create fine works of art.

The Studios’ early involvement with murals was primarily in the realm of frescoes, which are painted directly onto the wall. Conrad Schmitt was a leader in the early twentieth century revival of the ancient al secco fresco type of mural painting.

Accordingly, the early Studio created many murals in al secco fresco. The technique calls for painting onto specially prepared dry plaster rather than onto the wet plaster of buon secco. Today, many types of painted murals are created or restored by the Studio, including oil, gesso, acrylic, tempera, encaustic (hot wax) and Keim. Some are applied directly to walls and others to canvas that is affixed to walls. The most popular choice for murals today is oil painting on canvas. Murals created or conserved by Conrad Schmitt Studios grace churches, theatres and public buildings throughout the United States.

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