Frequently Asked Questions

About our conservation, restoration and artistic craftsmanship process.
What’s involved in the creation, restoration and conservation of interior decorative schemes?

Although every project is unique and possesses its own set of individual needs, most proceed according to this step-by-step approach.

Phase I: Needs Assessment
The initial step involves the formation of a committee of representatives from your church, theatre or building. The committee, in turn, defines the needs and outlines the parameters and priorities of the project. Conrad Schmitt Studios can assist with this needs assessment.

Phase II: Information Gathering
After the project goals are outlined, Conrad Schmitt Studios will assist the committee with gathering the information necessary to make educated decisions regarding the procedures and products involved in the project.

Phase III: Plan Formulation
Once background information is gathered, the project’s scope is fine-tuned. A master plan, which includes budgetary estimates and timetables, is assembled. If it is the desire to restore the building to an original or previous decorative scheme, an investigative paint analysis should be commissioned. Architectural samples also could be completed during this phase.

Phase IV: Fund Raising
The next step, fundraising, is often the most challenging and time-consuming. Conrad Schmitt Studios can assist you with fundraising efforts. For additional details, click here.

How do I know if my stained glass windows need professional attention?

Stained glass usually deteriorates slowly at first, but conditions can worsen rapidly as vital components break down. It is essential to take a pro-active approach to maintenance and restoration to prevent further damage to stained glass panels. Conrad Schmitt Studios suggests you begin with a careful examination of your stained glass windows. To assist you in determining the condition of your windows, view the Stained Glass Checklist, an inspection reference guide. The results of the window examination will indicate whether a professional consultation is required.

How much does it cost to create, conserve or restore a stained glass window?

Conrad Schmitt Studios provides prospective clients with a proposal which includes a quotation. Because every project is unique, each project must be quoted on an individual basis. Variables that affect the cost include: the style of the window, the size and number of individual pieces of glass, the amount of painting or plating involved, overall square footage and methods of production. The creation, conservation or restoration of a stained glass window is labor intensive. Conrad Schmitt Studios invites clients to visit the studio facility and view the various procedures. A studio tour will promote an understanding of the artistry and craftsmanship involved in this highly specialized work.

How much will it cost to restore a church?

As with stained glass, each project is different and therefore requires individual treatment. Factors that influence overall cost include: the size and scope of the project, the amount and variety of techniques utilized, the quantity of gold leaf and other gilding and the existing condition of the substrate material.

How many church projects have you worked on?

Since 1889, the Studio has worked on over 5,000 church projects in 48 states, Canada, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

How many theatres have you worked on?

Pioneers in the field of theatre restoration, Conrad Schmitt Studios has completed award-winning work on more than 100 historic theatres throughout the United States.

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