Art restoration Services

With a unified artistic vision, the experienced artists and craftsmen of Conrad Schmitt Studios create new designs and repair, restore and conserve historic artwork in the form of decorative painting, stained and etched glass, murals, mosaics and statuary. Today, as in the past, Conrad Schmitt Studios is dedicated to providing beauty, quality and longevity in every endeavor.

Decorative ART Painting & Restoration

From the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the campus of the University of Notre Dame, the Studio has been involved in the decoration, restoration and renovation of buildings of architectural and historic significance throughout the United States.

Stained Glass & Architectural Art Glass Restoration

Clients of many faiths and walks of life have commissioned stained glass work from the Studio in a wide range of styles. Many recent requests have been for new, traditional-style windows to complement more classically inspired architecture. Contemporary designs are also created in figural, geometric and abstract compositions.

Mural RestorAtion

In addition to new designs, the Studio also conserves, restores and replicates aged and damaged murals through our fine art restoration service. For conservation, methods are used that clean and preserve the original artists’ work, while allowing its full beauty to be restored.

Interior Design Rendering Services

One of the most inspiring aspects of a planned decoration or restoration is conveying the vision for the new or restored interior. Understanding the extent, style and quality of what is proposed is essential to affirming the project—for both the client and the community.

Ornamental Plaster Restoration

Decorative painting and plaster ornamentation work hand-in-hand to achieve environments of great beauty. Ornamental plaster conservation, restoration and replication are frequently provided by Conrad Schmitt Studios in conjunction with decorative art restoration when plaster is loose or damaged.


Our Studio can assist projects in the early stages by providing guidance to gather the information needed to initiate projects and keep the momentum moving forward. Our diversified, experienced staff can offer assistance with Conditions Assessment, Specification Development, Assembly of Budgets, Fundraising Ideas and more.

Historic paint analysis

All of the results from the investigation and analysis are compiled and bound into a permanent record of the original or period decorative scheme and a guide for the decorative restoration. Copies of these documents are held by the owner, the local historical society and Conrad Schmitt Studios.

Fundraising & Decorative Samples

After presenting an approved plan to your church or building committee, printed fundraising literature and boards that detail the goals of the project can help to communicate the vision.

Statuary & sculpture restoration

In addition to design and fabrication of new statuary, Conrad Schmitt Studios is recognized for its expertise in the conservation and restoration of antique statuary. This includes seamlessly reattaching broken pieces and re-creating missing portions.

Fine Art Fabrication for others

When an outside artist or designer is not able, or chooses not to realize the creation of their own design or conception, they can enlist the assistance of Conrad Schmitt Studios to bring their ideas to life, with the fabrication and installation of the completed project, as the artist has envisioned.

“We had almost 200 people come through… all socially distancing, of course! Rave reviews…some were in tears as they walked down the aisle, most in awe and a few said that they felt like they had just gone to heaven. ”

— Rev. Msgr. Steven Brovey, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Charleston, SC

“I cannot begin to adequately express my appreciation. The restoration of the right side of the mural and recreation of the missing left half, working entirely from photographs, is artistically so well done that one cannot determine which is the recreation.”

— Mary L. Bishop Hawaii Theater Center

“You have made fast friends of us at St. John the Baptist – we will be recommending you and singing your praises to one and all. This has been such a positive experience in every way imaginable. Love and prayers,”

— Fr. Norbert, Pastor St. John the Baptist, Costa Mesa, CA

“You have a wonderful business and are doing so much to protect church treasures…I was impressed with the work ethic of your employees but most of all the spirit generated throughout the entire operation.”

— Libby Kidd, Director of Operations Independent Presbyterian Church Birmingham, AL

“Your interest, willingness to listen, readiness to suggest, and eagerness to excel enthralled our committee and bolstered the courage of its members to move ahead with the work at hand.”

— Fr. Gerald E. Fisher, Pastor, St. Peter’s Parish, Stevens Point, WI

“I want to thank you and the artisans at Conrad Schmitt for the superb restoration of the 1914 Tiffany stained glass windows at Santa Gertrudis. Not only was the restoration executed flawlessly, but the project was completed on time and on budget, accomplishments rarely met in such detailed architectural work. The professionalism of your company and the skills of your craftsmen are unmatched in the restoration business…”

— Bruce S. Cheeseman, Archivist and Historian

“Just recently we completed the Red Mass…Those are participants who have seen St. Peter’s regularly over the years. Their astonishment and affirmation of the improvements undertaken by yourself and your associates, through the leadership of Father Sherlock and members of his parish, was universal.”

— Most Reverend Oscar H. Lipscomb, Archbishop of Mobile Mobile, AL

“I had thought we would just get our treasured window back as it had been, only more secure. I hadn’t reckoned on its looking so much better, with greater clarity and pieces I’d not noticed before. And it’s not just me—everyone comments on how beautiful it is…From the point of view of the person asking for donations, the widely respected reputation of Conrad Schmitt plus the close association between your church and Grace Church has made my job much easier…Please know that every time we look at that precious window all perfect and restored, we are glad.”

— Jane Henning Grace Episcopal Church, Madison, WI

“We now have had the opportunity to celebrate Easter, Ordinary Time, Advent and Christmas…and continue to be overwhelmed with the fruits of your labors.”

— Pastor John T. Fitzgerald Church of St. Luke Plain, WI

“Thank you for your personal efforts … to make this project one of the most talked about restorations in New York.”

— Kenneth Hurd, Kenneth E. Hurd & Associates on completion of the Grand Ballroom of New York’s Waldrof-Astoria

“I think what most impressed us was the enormous care that you and your firm took at every step of the process. No detail was overlooked and no aspect of Sacred Heart Church’s history was too insignificant for your study and analysis…Thank you for your talent and skill.”

— Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, C.S.C. Basilica of the Sacred Heart, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN

“The changed liturgical space is not only aesthetically pleasing, it functions better for our worship services. Thank you for assisting us in being faithful to the traditions embodied in our building while at the same time enhancing that space to accommodate the worship needs of the present and, hopefully, of the future.”

— Kay Anderson St. Robert Parish, Shorewood, WI

“The Cathedral has drawn some beautiful attention from the media and has become a new focal point of tours in the Shreveport area. What Conrad Schmitt did to restore and renovate this 78-year-old Gothic structured church into a beautiful Cathedral cannot be expressed in words.”

— Rev. Msgr. Earl V. Provenza, V.F. Cathedral of St. John Berchmans Shreveport, LA