Christ Chapel - Hillsdale College

Hillsdale, Michigan

The 27,000 square foot Christ Chapel at Hillsdale College is a nondenominational space for students, faculty and staff to practice their faith on campus. The chapel was designed by prominent architect and University of Notre Dame professor, Duncan Stroik. Its classical style complements the College’s Central Hall and was inspired by the English church, St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Featuring a 64-foot painted barrel ceiling, 14 columns, arched windows, and wooden pews, the chapel is capable of seating 1,350 people. Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc. was commissioned to create three stained glass windows for the new space. Two figural windows feature the baptism of Christ and St. Michael vanquishing the devil. The third window features a lit torch, symbolizing the light of knowledge dispelling the darkness of ignorance, with the quote from Thomas Aquinas, “What the truth hath spoken, that for truth I hold.” The artwork’s classical style works with the building’s architecture, creating an atmosphere of prayerful devotion. The chapel was dedicated during celebration of the 175th anniversary of the college.

“Christ Chapel stands as an affirmation of Hillsdale’s Christian roots, commitments, and identity, serves as a reminder that civil and religious liberty are inseparable, and provides a much-needed place of on-campus worship for Hillsdale College students, regardless of denomination.” –

Window Installed

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