Shirley Ryan ABilityLab

Chicago, Illinois
Created to promote full presence in the moment and foster spiritual thought energies, this design was inspired by the life force of living forms and the movement of water. The dynamic and uplifting composition is meant to inspire the mind, body and spirit with color and movement, encouraging spiritual reflection.

The window comprises more than 800 pieces of unique, custom-fabricated mouth-blown glass from around the world. Each piece of glass was specifically sourced and cut to enhance the composition with vibrant colors and engaging textures. A team of artists designed and assembled the window using the copper foil technique, in which individual pieces of glass are wrapped with copper tape and fused together with solder. In this technique perfected by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 20th century, the connections vary in size and shape, enhancing the organic composition and harmonizing with the natural forms of the design. The exterior solder is gilded with 23-karat gold leaf, which allows the beauty of the design to be seen in the outdoor meditation garden and beyond.

* An original artwork commissioned by and in the art collection of the Shirley Ryan ABilityLab

Window installed in the chapel.
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