St. Bartholomew Catholic Church

Stevens Point, Wisconsin


The Restoration Committee, headed by Rev. John Potaczek and Deacon Dick Rozumalski, chose the Conrad Schmitt Studios to help lead them towards the rebirth of the interior of their beloved St. Bartholomew Catholic Church in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Through numerous meetings at the church, color design renderings and onsite samples of decorative finishes, the new decorative scheme was approved by the committee. The new decorative scheme included 5 colors, along with trompe l’oeil stencils, gilding (23k gold leaf) and glazing techniques. The scope of work included consultation (committee meetings), interior design (color renderings/onsite samples), plaster restoration, fiberglassing flat walls and ceilings, base painting, custom stencil design and application, gilding and glazing. A careful combination of this new scheme, along with a new lighting system creates an environment that stimulates the worship experience, while keeping the historic characteristics of this small country church.

Restoration of St. Bartholomew Catholic Church, Stevens Point, WI


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