St. Louis Catholic Church Statuary

Memphis, Tennessee

For St. Louis Church in Memphis, Tennessee, 10 new carved white Carrara statues were fabricated to fit perfectly within a new stone wall.

The custom pieces were designed by CSS and sculpted in Italy. Bas relief kneeling angels and the Lamb of God also adorn the new altar while the lifesized statues were installed in the restored sanctuary.­­

Other facets of the restoration included new stations of the cross; designed, fabricated, and faux finished with enhanced wood grain to match the rich wood tones of the restored interior. Stone relief figures were then affixed to the frames. The interior restoration included many gilded surfaces, stencils, new fitments, as well as painted and gilded ceiling coffers.

A large wall of new stained glass was installed and lit from behind by a lighting system imitating daylight to act as a backdrop for the new altar and baldachino.

The painted decorative scheme unites the various new architectural elements using a variety of colors and gold leaf accents. The end result is a beautiful, prayerful worship space that honors the solemnity of the mass.

New carved white Carrara stone statues for St. Louis Church – Photo by: Looney Ricks Kiss


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