St. Stanislaus Church

Cleveland, Ohio


The parish wished to restore the original, decorative beauty of St. Stanislaus’ interior in Cleveland, Ohio, which was hidden beneath several layers of paint and wallpaper.


CSS began with a historic paint investigation to discover the colors and designs of the original decorative scheme. Historic photographs also assisted in verifying the stencil patterns and positions.

Studio artisans proceeded to execute a sample of the restored decoration on a large section of the ceiling and wall, to visually communicate the proposed decorative scheme and to assist in generating the funds necessary to complete the restoration.

The interior restoration included the application of decorative finishes to walls, ceilings, columns, ornamental woodwork, and plaster ribs. Historic stencil patterns were reapplied. Murals, statues, and the Stations of the Cross were conserved and gold leaf stars were applied to the vaulted ceiling.

In recognition of its contribution to the restoration of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church, Cleveland, Ohio, the Studio received the Religious Structure Preservation Award from the Cleveland Restoration Society and Preservation Resource Center of Northeastern Ohio.

Restoration of St. Stanislaus Church


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