St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church

West Bend, Wisconsin

The Challenge

St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church was constructed in 1968 in the mid-century modern style. In 2018, the parish reached out to Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc. to assist with the renovation of the dated interior. The major challenge of this renovation project was to aesthetically elevate the space and give it a more traditionally Catholic feel without ignoring the architectural style of the building. One issue with the existing design was a wall at the back of the sanctuary which was visually dominating without adding meaningfully to the atmosphere or serving any liturgical purpose. The solution was to install a new mural on the wall which creates a strong focal point both visually and liturgically. Two additional murals balance the scene and replace the existing side shrines.


The Solution

Following approval by the parish of the new designs, artists worked on the three murals in the studio for more than a year. Once the center mural, entitled Christ Enthroned in Majesty, was painted, it was assembled on-site and installed in five separate pieces. The result is one astounding 40-foot-tall mural, the largest ever created by Conrad Schmitt Studios.

The remarkable painting starts with an array of saints in adoration at its base. The group includes apostles, Gospel figures, saints named in the Roman Canon, and the three women doctors of the Church. The focal point of the mural is Christ the King of the Universe seated on His heavenly throne, surrounded by Mary Queen of Heaven and Saint Joseph. The mural is completed by angels of the Passion and Resurrection and symbols of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit as a dove and Hebrew lettering as a visible symbol of the invisible God.

The murals in the side shrines feature Saint Frances Cabrini above the left altar and Queen Mary with the Christ Child above the right altar.

After Image

Completed mural at St. Francis Cabrini Church.

St. Joseph in Jasper, Indiana completed apse

The completed mural stands 40 feet tall and is the largest mural ever completed by Conrad Schmitt Studios. Click the image to see information about the saints shown.


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