St. James Catholic Church

Duluth, Minnesota

CSS assisted St. James Catholic Church in developing a creative vision and Master Plan for their sanctuary renovation. Using elements from a historic photo, CSS designers developed a digital rendering of the proposed new decorative scheme and stained glass windows. After design approval and extensive plaster restoration, artisans completed a full-sized sample of the proposed color palette for review by the church committee. Once approved, custom stencils were applied and the sanctuary ceiling was adorned with 23kt gold leaf stars. Angel murals were hand-painted on-site and installed at the proscenium.

A particularly important part of the project was the addition of four new stained glass windows at the chancel. Many years prior to the renovation, the original stained glass windows were removed from the rear wall and the openings plastered over. During the renovation, these window openings were uncovered and re-framed. CSS designed, produced, and installed four original stained glass windows in this space, restoring the original configuration of the chancel area. The new windows feature St. James the Less, St. Mother Teresa, St. John Paul the II and St. Gianna Molla. Work continues in the narthex of the church, including a new stained glass window by CSS replicating the Holy Spirit window from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Finished Photo

Finished Interior


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