St. Joseph Catholic Church

Jasper, Indiana

Saint Joseph Catholic Church completed the construction of its current Romanesque Revival-style brick church in 1880. Much of St. Joseph’s architectural beauty lies in its stunning use of sandstone veneer that comprises its interior, which was installed in a 1954 renovation and had replaced the original plaster.

The parish initially reached out to CSS for the restoration of their Swiss stained glass windows that date back to 1898. Impressed by our quality craftsmanship and industry experience, the partnership continued into a much more extensive, long-term decorative renovation of the church’s interior.

CSS’s goal was to develop a new decorative scheme that would enhance the strong architectural features of the ceilings with the existing stone walls, columns, and three large Austrian mosaics representing Christ the High Priest, the Assumption of Mary, and the betrothal of Mary to Joseph.

Following consultation and design renderings, the new decorative scheme included two different faux stone finishes to both match and complement the existing real stone in the church. Faux stone finishes were applied to the column capitals, arches, and ribs. Custom stencils along the arches complete their decoration. A new proscenium mural was also developed, which depicts the Hand of God and the dove of the Holy Spirit.

While much of CSS’s work with St. Joseph involved new decoration, the historical integrity of the church was enhanced for future generations to enjoy.




St. Joseph Catholic Church in Jasper, IN After

Finished interior of St. Joseph.

St. Joseph in Jasper, Indiana completed apse

CSS created a new blue starry mural for the apse ceiling, custom stencils along the arches, a new proscenium mural, and gilded faux mosaic in the sanctuary.


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