Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Seeking to update the dated 1980s decoration in their century-old church building, the parish of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana reached out to Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc. Goals for the new design included introducing a new, “timeless” color scheme, incorporating decorative elements from historic photographs of the church, and keeping the project carefully within the parish’s established budget. The angels at the proscenium are reproductions of previous murals visible in old photographs of the space. At the proscenium arch, gilded letters outlined in black declare, “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” A new ceiling mural at the apse features a dove descending as the Holy Spirit and a vision of Heaven, visually suggesting the idea that the Holy Spirit extends outside of the church building. Soft pink tones in the clouds answer the subtle warm whites of the altar, integrating the colors and presenting a harmonious color scheme that complements the beautiful opalescent stained glass windows. Subtle stenciling at the ceiling ribs and gold leaf accents at the transept walls emphasize the elegant architecture of the space and lift the eye upward and forward. The renovation at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church also included new carpeting and a new sound system.

Finished Interior


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