Sculpture Restoration

Conrad Schmitt Studios creates inspiring statuary and sculpture in a variety of media and styles.
Scuplture restoration service

From the initial design concept to the dedication of the completed piece, the Studio’s talented design team can assist you in visualizing your art piece through sketches and full-size models and guide your committee through the entire process. Because of their unified artistic approach to environments, Conrad Schmitt Studios’ designers are uniquely qualified to create artwork that is not only meaningful, but also coordinates with its surroundings in style, color, placement and scale. Statuary, sculpture and other art in architectural settings add visual interest and meaning to buildings and landscapes.

Other three-dimensional designs produced by the Studio include custom furnishings and fitments, as well as custom replications of historic light fixtures. For new sculpture and  statue restoration, the Studio’s experienced team works with the client to research and identify appropriate, uplifting artistic themes. Through sketches and models, they assist in visualizing the artwork in its intended environment.

Statues can be designed to be wall-mounted or freestanding and pedestals can be created in any size or style. Bronze statuary, ideal for outdoor installations, is designed by the Studio and usually cast in Europe via the traditional lost wax method. Various patinas can produce different effects and coloration for bronze artwork. Wooden sculpture lends itself to expressive and allegorical subjects, such as life or community stories.

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